School of Lived Experience

The School of Lived Experience is an artist created renewal space. We make content that inspires aliveness and compassion in our everyday lives.

History of

SOLE is a platform inspired by Tony Patrick’s (Re)Writers Room world-building workshop sessions (which included healers, professional artists, space-industry veterans, students, and visionaries). As a a response to the pandemic, SOLE was intended as a space to practice mindfulness in community and imagine a more connected and compassionate world.

Michelle Woo is a cultural producer, art historian and curator based in Los Angeles. She is a Co-Founder of For Freedoms, an artist-run organization that models creative civic engagement for which she received a ICP Infinity Award in 2017 and a National Art Award in 2022. Her diverse role includes strategy and design of national campaigns, public art initiatives, exhibitions and programming. She also advises artists and organizations on business management and cultural strategy.

Tony Patrick is a worldbuilder, social practice artist, comics creator, and immersive director. Patrick is a Sundance Institute World-building Fellow, 2021 Sundance Film Festival New Frontier Artist, IFP/RYOT 5G Storytelling Alum, Guild of Future Architects Founding Member, NYU ITP & IMA Professor, NYU Future Imagination Collaboratory Fellow, NYU Red Burns Fellow, CommonField Fellow, NEW INC alum, For Freedoms Artist, Wide Awakes Founding Member, Buckminster Fuller Institute Design Science Studio Advisor/Mentor, RLAB Mentor, Today@Apple NYC Youth Program Mentor, Futurist Writers Room Co-Designer, and Restoring the Future Co-Designer. Patrick attended the Dramatic Writing Program at New York University.

For Freedoms is an artist run organization and nationwide platform for artists that centers creativity as a catalyst for transformative connection and collective liberation. Through campaigns and activations throughout the United States, For Freedoms provides visionary tools to communities, artists and organizations to spark civic engagement.