Hosted by Tony Patrick and Michelle Woo, SOLEFUL is an immersive podcast experience brought to you by the School of Lived Experience and Executive Produced by For Freedoms Media.

Created by artists Tony Patrick, Michelle Woo, Micheline Pierrette Berry, and Miguel Rivera, SOLEFUL explores pathways to wholeness and wellbeing through art, mindfulness, storytelling, sound design and conversation.

Season One: Somatic Journeys

Somatic Journeys is a 6 episode series created by multimedia artist and filmmaker, Micheline Pierrette Berry and musician and award-winning sound editor, Miguel Rivera that combines elemental wisdom, storytelling, somatic practices and soundscapes to spark renewal, radical imagination and deep sense of belonging to nature. During these interactive sessions, you will attune to the land within you, connect to your own body's ancestral wisdom, and practice synchronizing your soma to the elemental rhythms of earth, fire, water, air and ether. These immersive explorations are derived from Micheline and Miguel's combined 50+ years’ experience with community ceremonies & embodiment practices.

Show Credits:
Producers & Hosts: Michelle Woo, Tony Patrick
Somatic Journey Series Creators & Hosts: Miguel Rivera, Micheline Pierrette Berry
Line Producer: Micheline Pierrette Berry
Co-Producer & Supervising Sound Editor: Miguel Rivera
Music Design & Supervision: Micheline Pierrette Berry
Mixing and Mastering: Carlos Torres
Soundscapes: Miguel Rivera, Micheline Pierrette Berry
Original Music Composed and Performed by David Ralicke
Sound Engineers: John X Volaitis, Carlos Torres, Dave Stringer
Recording Studios: Earthstar Creation Center, Venice CA and Magnetic Melodies, Inc, Los Angeles, CA
Film Producer: Stellar Visioning LLC
Cinematographer: Michael Jennings
1stAD & Steadicam Operator: Joey Lugassy

Thank you to our sponsors, Earthstar Creative Center & Recording Studio!

Featuring Season 1 Guest Hosts: Micheline Pierrette Berry & Miguel Rivera

Miguel Rivera is a writer, translator, award-winning sound editor, mentor and musician and currently works with at-risk youth, Armed Forces veterans, communities in recovery, formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as those seeking wholeness and guidance. His work builds unity, interdependence, and resilience across cultures in the US and world-wide.

Micheline Pierrette Berry is a bi-racial artist, producer, embodiment catalyst and filmmaker. She has spent the past 27 years teaching embodiment frameworks as a way to spark creativity, heal trauma and reconstruct new narratives of radical imagination, identity and belonging. Her immersive trainings and retreats offer brave and catalytic spaces to make art, build community and transform.


Seeds for the SOLE: La Respuesta by Humberto Ak'abal

Born from dreams, from stones that speak, from ordinary words, from the wrinkles of a grandmother’s face, from the laughter of the rain, the poems of Humberto Ak’abal bring us to a different way of listening, feeling and understanding our world. Read by Miguel Rivera.

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Seeds for the SOLE: Internal Weather Report by Tony Patrick

Get the latest internal weather conditions and forecasts including the SOLE storm tracker and guide to understanding the impact of our emotional, physical and psychic highs and lows.

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Episode 1: Somatic Journey - Water

SOLE Somatic Journey Episode 1: THE DILEMMA Why work with difficult emotions? Why work with difficult feelings? So that we can create space for fun, love, beauty, and real connection. Conceived and recorded at the end of 2022 as the Covid 19 pandemic was “winding down”, our inaugural SOLE Somatic Journey is dedicated to all who may be grappling with the dilemma of difficult emotions, grief or loss whether from the effect of the pandemic or just being human during complex times. Original Theme music composed and performed by David Ralicke. Episode 1 music by Benjy Werthheimer.

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Introduction: Welcome to SOLEFUL

Welcome to SOLEFUL, an immersive podcast experience brought to you by the School of Lived Experience featuring hosts, Tony Patrick and Michelle Woo. Through storytelling, practice and conversation, we strive for greater compassion and connection to ourselves, the world and the everyday. Join us!

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